My story .......


I began my quest for knowledge at the age of 39 following the sudden death of my father.  I studied many holistic therapies some more mainstream alternative than others, if that is possible.  Over many years I studied nutrition, iridology, kinesiology and classical aromatherapy, amongst a number of other weired and wonderf other things.


At the age of 43 I became a first time mother.  Three years later I became a lone parent (nuff said).  I used my knowledge to treat my daughter holistically wherever possible.  For some time, I worked as a therapist to try to help people to become who they were meant to be.



During this period, I had been dreaming of making a skincare product that would incorporate a number of my holistic studies and make a difference.


The idea was to make a set of completely natural facial serums with crystals.  There were always going to be seven in the set.  There are seven chakras, seven days of the week, my mother was the seventh child of a seventh child and my numerology number is 7!


I wanted my product to have anti-aging benefits.  And so my research began.  I wanted to use all natural ingredients that would not only smell nice but would actually feed the skin with the essential fatty acids it needs to keep it plump and moist as most of use do not take in enough in our diet.


A spark ignited the idea about two years ago and the formulation of the product began.  I compiled a huge spreadsheet and by a process of elimination I was left with a list of ingredients that I wanted to use.


The project evolved, a metamorphosis took place and seven serums was born.


Why seven serums.......


Born out of a desire to create a product that would have great anti-aging benefits and would also help to balance the energy system - I created Seven Serums.  Seven is the number of the natural world and I wanted my product to reflect that.  There are 7 days of the week, 7 notes on the musical scale, 7 states of matter, 7 colours in the rainbow and 7 chakras.  The number 7 is everywhere in science and nature.  I wanted to incorporate light into the serums which I did by using coloured Swarovski "elements" crystals.


I wanted the product to be beautiful, unique, functional and to look very simple and contemporary.


Thank you for reading my story and I hope that you enjoy using seven serums as much as I do.


--- Jacki




My verdict… I loved these beautiful silky soft oils, daily pampering at its finest.

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Talonted Lex London beauty blogger ...

"I am very excited to tell you about these serums. I am a big fan of facial oils.  Some people are put off them if they have oily or combination skin but my skin has never looked or felt better than since I started using oils.

So, let’s talk about Seven Serums

The packaging is lovely: so luxurious.   The oils come in their own little vials, with rollerball applicators so you don’t waste any product. 

Each serum is named for the effect they have on you and your skin: Vitalise; Nourish; Uplift; Balance; Enliven; Indulge; and Renew. They are designed to be used in that order as you go through the week, so Vitalise on Monday, Nourish on Tuesday etc. They are also colour coded with different coloured ‘elements’ Swarovski crystals in the bottom of each vial!

I have been using these every night for about a month. I cleanse my face as usual and use these oils in place of my moisturiser. I actually really enjoy applying the oil and use the roller ball as a mini facial: swiping it firmly upwards and outwards all over my face. I then press my hands over my face to warm the oil and keep patting my skin until it has mostly sunk in.

When I wake up my skin has no oily residue, it just feels soft, supple and looks healthy. I love that these oils are 100% natural as my sensitive skin can react to things so easily, but this works with my skin really well.

The clever application rollerball means you only use the exact amount you need so these vials will last a long time.

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I’m a big fan of facial serums and it’s wonderful to find a full set in a beautiful presentation box.  This elegant collection from Synergy Skinfood is called Seven Serums because there’s one for each day of the week and a unique touch is that they are colour coded – with  Swarovki Elements crystals no less!

It’s often the case that when skincare and beauty products are luxurious and beautiful they also contain synthetic chemicals – not so here.  These serums are 100 per cent natural and contain essential oils, botanical extracts, and added vitamins A C and E.  

Rather cleverly each serum has been formulated to correspond with a day of the week.

These serums really are a treat for your skin, they look gorgeous on your bathroom shelf and the lovely little glass roller ball offers direct application to the skin and there’s minimum wastage.   I apply just after cleansing, I found the serum sinks in quickly and left my skin feeling silky soft and smooth, just wait a minute before applying makeup

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