The skin is the largest organ of the body.  It takes in the nutrients that you apply to it and passes toxins out through the pores with perspiration. Skin can be fed just as you would have a meal and the purity of what you put on your skin is as important as what you eat.  Oils contain fatty acids.  The skin needs fatty acids to regenerate cells.  Your skin benefits from feeding it directly with regeneration oils found in seeds, nuts and berries that may not be available within the diet.  Feeding the skin directly is a more efficient way of getting fatty acids to exactly where they are required.


Seven serums have been developed to feed your skin directly.  They contain all natural carrier oils, essential oils and herbs to nourish with moisture, restore, balance, soften, repair and hydrate your skin and a comprehensive description of this product can be found on the following pages.  Click here to go there directly.


For more information about the ingredients used in seven serums, check out the interactive gallery that provides a short profile for each ingredient used.


We have put together an information page to try to demystify and simplify some of the descriptions you have probably seen many times and never really quite understood.  We believe that in working with natural products we have a duty to help people understand the importance and significance of what they are actually putting on to the skin and to realise that the quality and content of what is being used does make a difference.


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